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Worried About Snow & Ice Build Up On Your Roof?

Dear Michigan Homeowner,

Harsh winter weather in Michigan can wreak havoc on your roofing & gutters. Roof snow and roof ice dams can lead to roof leaks and ceiling damage. Michigan homeowners that act quickly to remove roof snow and roof ice dams will save money by their foresight… and avoid the mistake others will make.

You’ll get the Roof Snow & Ice Removal Services you need to avoid roof leaks from Dependable Roofer.

Here’s How Dependable Roofer Can Help You Solve Your Roof Ice Dam Problems
  • Roof Snow Removal
  • Apply Calcium Chloride To Ice Dams
  • Break Up The Ice Dams With A Hammer

Snow Removal and Roof Ice Dam Removal

Dependable Roofer can remove the snow from your roof. Removing the snow from your roof you will reduce the chances of leakage caused by ice dams. We can shovel the entire roof area, or only the bottom edge of the roof, about 4 feet wide along the eave edge.

After we have removed the snow from the bottom edge of the roof we can apply ice melter and/or use a hammer to break up the ice.

Calcium Chloride Can Be Applied Directly On The Roof Ice Dam To Melt It.
Dependable Roofer can apply calcium chloride to the ice dams. Sometimes the ice dams are too thick for ice melter to do any good. Sometime if you have a leak the only way to stop it is to beat on the ice dam with a hammer before the ice melter can be applied. It’s not advisable for homeowner do this yourself because it’s too dangerous, you could fall and get hurt or killed.

What Happens Next?

The next step is to contact me and we’ll have a telephone conversation in which you can share with me the concerns that you have about your roof snow and ice build up, and we’ll explore the possibility of doing business together.

Call now because the number of Roof Snow & Ice Removal jobs we can provide on any given day is severely limited. And at certain times, I do not schedule any appointments. The majority of my time is dedicated to taking care existing clients and to people referred to me by existing clients, so call right away.


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P.S. Don’t wait until your roof leaks. You may be telling yourself “it will never happen to me”. Is it worth the gamble?

You see, most people that call us about roof snow and roof ice already have leaks, people from all over Oakland County, Michigan have been calling us. They are calling for roof snow and ice removal all the way from Troy to West Bloomfield, from Bingham Farms to Oxford. They are calling because they have roof leaks in Birmingham, Bloomfield Twp, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Orion, Waterford and Keego Harbor. And they are calling us from beyond Oakland County; they are calling from Macomb and Lapeer and as well.

P.P.S. Payment is due immediately upon completion of the work. You can take care of it by cash, check or credit card.

Roof ice dams can get up to 12 inches thick.
Roof ice dams can get up to 12 inches thick.

Roof ice dams can cause lots of problems including:

  • wood rot
  • ruined insulation
  • damage the homes interior 
  • mold growth
  • worn out shingles
  • gutters to overflow and freeze on walkways

    Damage from roof ice dams could cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Ice dams that are very thick can not be reoved by calcium chloride or magnesium chloride.

How To Deal With Roof Ice Dams

You have several options for dealing with roof ice dams.

How to fix ice dam problems before they damage your roof and home:

  • Use a snow rake to remove snow from the roof before the ice dams form
  • Install electric heat cables to melt the snow before the ice dams form
  • Insulate and ventilate your attic to minimize ice dam formation
  • Get your roof repaired or replaced and install waterproof underlayment
  • You can apply calcium chloride to melt ice dams that have already formed
  •  How To Use Roof Heat Cables To Prevent Roof Ice Dams
    Roof Heat Cables Prevent Ice Dams
    Roof heat cables melt snow
    Installing Roof Heat Cables
    If you have a leak that keeps re-occurring then installing heat cables to melt the snow and ice might help.
    Some roof configurations are prone to leak because the design of the roof funnels too much water into a confined area. If your roof has a valley that is very close to a wall it will be prone to leakage in that corner. You may need to install heat cables to prevent the build up of ice in the corner.
    Heat cables do not work very well when temperatures fall below 20 degrees Farenheit and it stays cold for a prolonged period of time. The snow melts and freezes again causing an ice block.

    We are no longer recommending heat cables becuase they don't help in extreme cold weather, they don't last long and they are expensive to operate.

    When To Turn Your Roof Heat Cables On And Off

    You should turn on your roof snow melting cables when you have snow on your roof and the temperature is going to stay below freezing that day.

    After the snow that is near your roof heat cables is melted you can turn off the electricity. You should check the edge of the roof on a daily basis and if you see ice forming turn the electric roof heat cables on again. When the roof ice is melted turn the roof heat cables off to save on the cost of electricity.

    When you use your roof heat cables as described above you will keep snow and ice off your roof edge and prevent ice dam build up.
    Heat Cables in Roof Valley to prevent roof leaks
    Some roof designs require heat cables to prevent leakage
    Tips For Installing Roof Heat Cables
  • Install the roof heat cables before snow and ice build up on your roof.
  • The roof heat cables must be plugged into an outlet with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for safety
  • Don not use an extension cord with the roof heat cables because it may over heat and trip the breaker
  • Make sure you get a roof heat cable long enough to reach an outlet, and to go through the gutters as well as the downspouts
  • What Causes Roof Ice Dams?

    Poor Attic Insulation
    Fiberglass Attic Insulation

    Poor Attic Insulation causes ice dams by allowing heat from inside the home to melt snow. The melted snow runs down and freezes at the gutter or bottom edge of the roof.



    Adding more Fiberglass Insulation can help eliminate ice dams. Proper ventilation will help keep the attic cool and prevent ice dams. Many homes only have about 6 inches of insulation, they should have about 18 inches to meet today's standards.

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